Cooling Dog Bandana (Small, Medium and Large)


(£9.99 Each)

An excellent way to keep your dog cool on a warm day!





Dog cooling bandana great for keeping your pet cool in the summer months. Simply rinse in water, wring the excess water and put it in the fridge or freezer and then pop it on to instantly cool your pet. Made out of a stretch polyester fibre which resits heat and retains cool instantly cooling your dog down in the hot weather. The fabric is light and breathable. Available in 3 sizes Small, medium and Large. Small - 13.78" / 35cm Medium - 17.72" / 45cm Large - 21.65" / 55cm The medium comfortably fits my collie and the large my Siberian Husky. The lead can easily still be affixed to the collar when wearing so it can stay on for walks.